the tool catch provides a strong, stable & durable retrofit tool connection point to a vast range of hand tools. 

attach the tool catch to your tool with V-Gripp tape to create a fully load rated tool connection point for the most rugged conditions.

key features & application

  • tactical nylon for maximum strength.
  • closed metal ring to prevent warping with use.
  • an easy installation process that can be done on-site.
  • fully certified and load rated when used with V-Gripp tape.
  • available in two sizes.

mechanical data

  • sizes: 12 mm x 55 mm, 25 mm x 90 mm
  • max load: 1.0 kg (12 mm x 55 mm)
  • max load: 2.5 kg (25 mm x 90 mm)

installation instructions

  • cut a length of V-Gripp tape approximately 30 cm (or enough to go around the tool 10 times).
  • position the tool catch on the tool.
  • apply V-Gripp tape, pulling it tight and without covering the 'ring' on the tool catch.

note! no heat of additional process required!


[declaration of conformity 12mm x 55mm]

[declaration of conformity 25mm x 90mm]


Unit Of Measure Each