compact and extremely powerful - compact, simple design with an integral aluminium body, extremely lightweight of 2.4kg.

the cx series is equipped with an overload limiter as standard.

key features & application

  • compact and lightweight manual hoisting used in mining, construction, engineering, power transmission fabrication, manufacturing, processing.
  • Ideal for the assembly line, work-station, job site, workshop.
  • with a weight of 2.4 kg, a minimum height of 217 mm and a load capacity of 250 kg, the KITO PWBâ 250 kg manual chain hoist is one of the smallest and lightest chain hoists available. followed by KITO PWB 500 kg manual chain hoist with a weight of 4.5 kg, minimum height of 260 mm and 500 kg load capacity.
  • the small 250 kg hoist is the size of a beer coaster and is the preferred choice wherever repair work has to be carried out and the fitter has to carry the unit with him. this could be in the area of mechanical engineering, for the replacement of defective parts, or for stage construction.
  • the aluminium casing is finely worked and fitted with countersunk bolts. the manual chain hoist is fitted with overload protection as standard equipment.
  • the mechanical braking system, the load chain guide and the nickel-plated load chain for longer service life are other special features. Further advantages are easy handling, durability and reliability.
  • the unit has an operating force of only 14.7 daN, making it one of the easiest hoists in the world to operate.
  • both, the 250 kg and 500 kg hoists, naturally feature overload limiters as standard equipment and these come into effect at 130 to 170% of the maximum load capacity. in other words, when an attempt is made to lift a load which exceeds the load capacity, the hand chain slips through so the load cannot be raised.
  • the load chains, with a diameter of 3.2 mm, and the fine chain pitch allow adjustment of the hoist in a unique manner, permitting lifting movements with millimetre precision.
  • the unit can be operated at temperatures from −40 °C to +60 °C.
  • another special feature of this hand chain hoist is the excellent chain guidance, thanks to an improved chain pass.

mechanical data

  • standard: AS 1414.2
  • wide internal diameter of hooks (top and bottom)
  • smart body with non-protruding bolt
  • equipped with overload limiter
  • hook latch with tip supporting structure
  • capacity: 250 kg / 500 kg
  • low headroom on each model: 250 kg 217 mm / 500 kg 260 mm
  • high strength load chain diameter: 250 kg 3.2x1 mm xf / 500 kg 4.3x1 mm xf
  • load chain diameter pitch: 250 kg 3.2x9 mm / 500 kg 4.3x12 mm
  • weight: 250 kg 2.4 kg / 500 kg 4.5 kg


[technical drawing 250 kg]

[technical drawing 500 kg]

[declaration of conformity]

[operational manual]





Shipping Weight 2.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.110m
Unit Of Measure Each