experience unmatched efficiency, safety, and ease-of-use with Schneider Electric’s advanced acti9 range of MCB’s. The acti9 MCBs will simplify your power distribution operations to provide you with the perfect solution for each application.

the Acti9 80 MCB, 3P curve type C combines guaranteed protection against short-circuit currents, and consistent circuit protection against overload currents.

this type C MCB is ideal for use in commercial and industrial installations as it will trip instantly at a rate of five to ten times its rated current, making it suitable for high inductive loads where switching surges are high.

this adaptable, low-voltage segmental system provides excellent performance in the harshest environments, diminishes design and installation time and ensures zero downtime. Supported by their rigorous testing process, Schneider Electric has delivered this exceptionally high quality MCB range to fulfil your circuit breaker requirements.

the VisiSafe feature offers reliable and safe intervention, as the presence of the green strip ensures that the contacts are open physically and allows work to be carried out securely on the downstream circuit. The Class 2 Front face maintains zero risk of electrical shock, while the fast-closing mechanism reduces weathering and offers greater longevity. The VisiTrip feature allows rapid identification of blown circuits.

key features & benefits

  • fault tripping and indication by adding auxiliaries
  • suitability for isolation in the industrial sector to IEC/EN 60947-2
  • insulated terminals IP20
  • location for 4 clip-on terminal markers
  • 3 Poles, 3 Protected Poles
  • network Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • comb busbar and distribution block compatibility
  • breaking capacity: 10 kA, 20 kA
  • level 3 pollution resistance
  • 100% coordination between MCB and actuator
  • high quality fit and finish
  • fast, easy installation
  • 100% recyclable and recoverable materials
  • RoHS compliant and REACH standard compliant


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Brand Schneider
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