the RockSteel offers a surprising strength-to-weight ratio in a carabiner of its capacity.

key features & application

  • most steel carabiners are made from ½ diameter steel; whereas rock exotica uses a lighter, 7/16 inch diameter steel that is heat treated for added strength.
  • like rock exotica aluminium carabiners, the rockSteel frames are CNC machined for precise fittings and exact tolerances. the result is a carabiner like no other steel carabiner in the world.  
  • the gate sleeve is rated at 16kN to protect against inward force against the gate.
  • large frame, with large gate opening
  • rated for inward gate force

mechanical data

  • standard: ANSI Z359.12 (09) and NFPA 1983 G (17ed) compliant
  • material: steel
  • major strength: 50kN
  • minor strength: 16kN
  • inward against gate strength: 16kN
  • gate opening: 30mm 
  • gate open strength: 15kN
  • height: 125mm
  • width: 75mm
  • weight: 246g


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Brand rock exotica
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