ISC mini Ropegrab with pip pin 11 - 13 mm

key features & application

  • the RP209 Ropegrab is fitted with a pip-pin axle, making it quick and easy to attach/detach mid-line. 
  • a thumb operated push-button is used to disengage the pip-pin mechanism. 
  • the axle has a chamfered end, to allow for easy location of the pin.
  • the RP209 model has a textile pip-pin retention cord, (rather than a wire cord).
  • the textile cord allows for easy manoeuvring of the pin and does not snag, or wear with sharp edges.

mechanical data

standard: EN353-2

  • material: anodised aluminium
  • height: 85mm
  • width: 65mm
  • weight: 180g
  • pip-pin length: 62mm
  • attachment hole diameter: 19mm
  • rope size: 10.5-13mm
  • maximum breaking strength: dependant on rope


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Brand ISC
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