learning pulley techniques with on-board resources is a basic component of our advanced and safety courses. The Edelrid Kaa is a ready-to-go system. Dock and let's go. For everyone who does not want to mess around.

you can use Kaa where things have to be stretched or lifted, for example when building rope bridges or in rescue operations. Kaa is a comparatively inexpensive complete set. You have a maximum of 150 cm available and can shorten the lifting distance by 120 cm. This is more than sufficient for rescuing people (active as well as passive), in longer systems (crevasse / bridge rescue, rope bridges) you can easily relax and reset the system even under tension.

key features

  • swivel at both ends to prevent the system from twisting
  • gear ratio 4: 1 when you lift a load / when tensioning the rope. Ratio 5: 1 when you are lifting a load towards you, such as a person in rescue situations
  • the green drain brake can be used as a handle to tighten. If that is not enough: At the end of the tape is an eyelet (12 mm diameter) through which a carabiner or cord can fit
  • Kaa can be operated with a switch with or without a backstop
  • the system can be lowered in a controlled manner without first lifting / unlocking - extremely important in rescue situations!
  • belt pulley system protected by mesh material with a very high breaking load of over 2 tons
  • comparatively light at just under 600 grams
  • eyelets: 14 mm inner diameter, web width 12.5 mm. We recommend rotating oval carabiners. The DMM Perfect O is perfect


  • weight: 591 g
  • norms: en 354
  • breaking load: 22 kN


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Brand Edelrid
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